Are We Still “Seeing Something, Saying Something”?

As I write this Tuesday afternoon, it looks like the House Republicans are trying to make a guy resembling some ’80s game show host their speaker.

I don’t know about you, but I’m already prepared to be yawningly underwhelmed by whoever they light on.

Meanwhile…is “If you see something, say something” from the post-9/11 era still operative? Anyone know?

After the attacks 22 years ago, we were encouraged, by our government and its media hall-monitors, to report immediately anyone or anything that didnt look, you know, kosher, in our locality. I’m using “kosher” to trigger the left, thanks if you noticed.

What it really meant, stripped down, was, hey everybody, do a little profiling as you go about your day. And that seemed eminently sensible.  Historically, it was of a piece with civil defense exhortations Americans heard here at home during WW2.

Of course, we wouldn’t do anything like that now. The current administration’s mantra after the attack on Israel was to admonish our omnipresent and knee-jerk Islamophobia—which only they can see. We’ve heard way more warnings since 10/7 about how awful and dangerous we might be, than warnings about anyone coming to do us harm.

Reminds me of the old Norm MacDonald joke about how if the Islamist terrorists got a nuke and killed 50 million of us, his greatest fear would be all the mistreatment of peace-loving Muslims.

But, back to my question…

The reason I ask about whether “see something…” is still actively in use:  CBP San Diego sent out an internal memo last Friday, warning that Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad “fighters” were at the southern border. By their own count, encounters with people from the terrorist watch list (we’re lucky they still even have that!) are up ten-fold since 2021.

Isn’t that “internal alert” something you should tell the public, too? Like, prominently? Maybe those snazzy smartphone-pings they love?

Or are you trying to avoid Islamophobia?

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