Are You Afraid of Children?

Probably not, right?

But is our society acting that way? I would have to agree with the man making the statement, comedian and podcaster Konstantin Kisin, who’s recent Oxford Union debate about wokeism has gone viral, and provoked heavy response when we played a little of it on last night’s show. (Listen here) (Or here)

You can also Google Konstantin Kisin and find his podcasts and guest appearances. Before you raise an eyebrow at “comedian”, that was President Zelensky’s last gig.

Anyway…it’s become a familiar refrain that we’ve evolved into a combination of coddling and worshipping youth. Until not very long ago, and for generations, experience trumped youth. Age and the signs of it represented gravitas and “having been there, done that”. Age was worn with pride. Today, hardly anyone want to look their chronological age, and we tell ourselves that the path to wisdom, whether it be on climate, guns or race, must run through the young. No Biblical verse is taken more literally (and misunderstood more widely) than Isaiah 11:6: “A little child shall lead them”.

Enter Kisin.

“We live in a society where adults are afraid of children and young people…when you see somebody who is an adult talking with young people…and saying, look, if you care about climate or racial injustice, whining and complaining is not going to fix that problem, and we need young people to…actually work and build and create things.”

And this:

“The only thing ‘wokeness’ has to offer…is to brainwash bright young minds to believe that you are victims, to believe that you have no agency…to protest, to throw soup on paintings”

He says, with ardor and conviction, that he believes young people are persuadable and should be challenged.

“We were all young once, and just as idiotic and stubborn and sure of ourselves…I think we’ve got to fight to change people’s minds.”


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