Are You Missing Your Opportunity?

Every year, Nancy (Nana) and AB (our 10 year-old grand daughter) take a special “girls only” trip. They plan all year for these special moments together.

Nancy fell in love with all things Disney in her youth, and she and I own a travel company which has a tremendous background in Disney. Our company, Dream Departures Travel, helps people create “Magical Memories That Last A Lifetime.”

Nancy passed her Disney love to AB, and as a result most of their trips have been spent in Florida at Walt Disney World.

Me? Not so much.

Give me a beach in Mexico with the sun, surf, and a cool drink and I’m good. Crowds of loud screaming children and long lines waiting for a ride that lasts 30 seconds don’t appeal to me.

No biggie. The girls do their Disney thing, and Nancy and I make a run to Mexico. It’s all good.


While planning the Nana/Anna trip this year, AB started to make noise about Grand-Dude (that’s me), joining them for a day or two.

“But darling, that’s your special time with Nana. Grand-Dude doesn’t want to butt in,” I would say.

“It’s okay, Grand-Dude! Besides, I want you to ride some of the scary rides with me,” came her reply.

After some tough negotiating on my part, (wink), It was agreed they would go out Sunday and I would join them Wednesday.

When I arrived there was plenty of screaming kids and long lines, but then something “magical” happened when we sat for a break.

As I sat in my chair sipping my bottled water, AB came over and sat on my lap. The screaming children, the loud noise,  and all the Disney the craziness just simply disappeared. We were the only 3 in the whole place.

Wow! Her magical powers made the rest of the world disappear.

Soon, we were off to conquer the rides! As we rode them all one by one I laughed so hard at HER laughing so hard. I’ve been on all of these rides a million times, but this time was different. I enjoyed them because SHE was enjoying them. She made the same ole Haunted Mansion fresh and new.

AB got the highest score on “Toy Story,” but I won the prize of hearing her laugh.

She called out commands as the Commander on “Mission Space,” and I dutifully fulfilled her orders as the pilot of our space craft.

We shared milkshakes, and green Sprite on St. Patty’s Day.

And then….it was over.

Wait! I’m not ready! Yes me, Mr. I’m so over Disney wanted to stay and hear her laugh some more.

I am so glad I didn’t pass up the opportunity to hear her laugh and see her eyes light up.

I wonder if the ladies will mind if I crash next year’s trip too…




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