Source: YouTube

I have conservative commentator Guy Benson to thank for pointing me toward a Canadian named Pierre Poilievre.

This man is on track to be the next Conservative Party Prime Minister of Canada, to replace Justin Trudeau.

Canada is not the United States, nor is their federal system like ours.

But this is how you talk to the people of a great nation, this is how you contrast your vision with the other guy’s.

This is how you ask for the privilege to be a leader, and how you reflect back to people that you hear and understand them.

He sounds sane, genuine, and speaks (bilingually) in complete, logical sentences. He has a dry, occasional sense of humor, but is intense and serious.

It used to be common in our politics to hear language used this way. It’s rarer than a unicorn now.

When you have time, consider watching the whole thing, and please let me know what you think.


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