Are You Smarter Than Hunter Biden?

It’s kind of a trick question, but bear with me.

If you are going to work today, if you are sweating in 100-degree heat with your clothes stuck to the seat of your car, if you are worrying about paying your mortgage or supporting your family, you should know that America’s Crown Prince is living a very different life.

(In fact, I wonder why the fascination with Harry and Megan, when we have Prince Hunter, master of international energy, composer of moving memoirs, painter of suspiciously sought-after canvasses and renowned lover of ladies? Just named most eligible bachelor by “Beijing Living” magazine!!)

Hunter is skating on tax fraud and a gun felony, but you better not think these rules apply to you, serf!

We finally found  the gun law Democrats DON’T like. Wonder of wonders.

Even more remarkable, today, is realizing that, of all people, Donald Trump, predicted this.

Yes, the man named least-favorite client by the American Bar Association, and a guy not known for his legal acumen, nailed it a while back. They would find something minor to plead the Prince on, and run around crowing about how his slate was clean and Democratic DOJs show no favoritism. The Donald called it.

See, that’s what really happened today: it’s not Hunter who got off (pardon the expression, because he probably is doing just that, somewhere). It’s the rest of Team Biden. This plea deal for the Crown Prince is their hall pass for every interview and debate going forward, and you will be sick of having it waved in your lying dog face, you pony soldier!

Meanwhile, back to our question. Who’s smarter? Hunter’s right to carry a gun is now safer than yours, he’s not worrying about bills, or even paying them, he’s been rewarded for greed, grift and shamelessness.

You, meanwhile, with your thrift, your honesty, your work-ethic, you need to stop reading this and get back to work.



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