Arrest Made in NB Credit Card Fraud Case

By Don Morgan

An ongoing credit card fraud case has come to an end.

David Ferguson with the New Braunfels Police Department tells us they got involved in the investigation in July when some credit cards were stolen from a local gym. They were used to make some purchases at nearby stores minutes after they were taken.

Ferguson says they received a lot of help from store employees and other Police Departments. The combined effort led them to Adewale Vaughn, a 30 year old man living in the Houston area.

Vaughn was also making purchases with other stolen cards online and at retailers between San Antonio and Houston.

His shopping spree came to an end on Tuesday. That’s when Harris County Officials pulled him over for a routine traffic stop. He was brought in on the warrants that were out for his arrest.

When Police searched Vaughn’s home they found plenty of evidence linking him to the credit card scam. Ferguson tells us that during the past year, Vaughn managed to buy more than $300,000 in merchandise and gift cards using the stolen plastic.



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