“As A Black Man”

There was a story, originating on NBC, that the “being outdoors” had “racist connotations” and there were, per force, groups trying to make camping and hiking a more “safe space” for Black people. To “dispel myths that the outdoors doesn’t belong to us”.

And get this: something needs to be done about the “trauma” of seeing “Trump flags at campsites”. Oh the humanity!

A listener, I’ll call him L., heard our segment, and writes:

“As a black man I’m so sick and tired of someone trying to coddle me into thinking that I have no abilities to do anything that I want to do.

“This is the United States of America, which at one time was the most freest of nations to be able to do whatever you want. That’s why people flee their oppressive third world. Whatever you want to call it countries. It’s ridiculous. 

“I wish more black people would listen to this station and hear The BS that is spewed from the left. We can think we can. Do we know how to work, yes there are select few that choose not to and ride the system. I for one am not. I get up every day and go work for what I got and take care of my daughter and my responsibilities.”

I wrote back:

“Thank you very much for listening, and for your letter.
“It is crazy to me that people come here from all over the world, most of them in the belief that they can do better for themselves here—and then our leaders tell them this country is racist, rigged and they are unable to earn anything. Instead it will have to be taken from someone else and given to them.
“And, when that happens, of course, they had better vote, in perpetuity, for the man and the party that gave it to them. An indentured voter.
“This is never what America was about, and if it becomes what we’re about. one thing you can count on is people fleeing oppression will have to find somewhere else to go. At least, any self-respecting person will.
Again, appreciate having you listen and hope you will keep in touch.
The common thread in so many of these stories, and what I think struck a chord in L., is the leftist presumption that they must protect black people from stuff the leftists disagree with. This is doubly diabolical—it defines black people as weak (a necessary condition for outsourcing their defense), and it cloaks the actions of the lefties in a mantle of some higher calling or purpose. “We are liberating the outdoors!”
If you don’t like seeing Trump flags at campsites, tough shit. I don’t like hearing your emo folk music or smelling your plant burgers, but I can cope.
Don’t play the hero.

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