Ask Every Candidate, Part II

Since 2016, every candidate running for anything as a Republican, was asked some variation of the questions:

“Do you renounce Donald Trump’s statements about XXXX?”

“Do you agree with his characterization of XXXX group?”

“Do you share or disagree with his calling the 2020 election XXXX?”

Every candidate, every opportunity.

Which is a bit odd, since Trump escalatored into the GOP all of a sudden in 2015.

He was hardly “establishment” stock. Ok, though, fair enough.

The R’s even tried to return him for a full refund at their 2016 convention. You could embarass a lot of “Trump allies” with how they were on their fainting couches about him that summer.

Which brings me to this summer.

Ask every Democrat:

“What do you know about President Biden’s infirmities and when do you know it?”

” Why didn’t you think it was worth alerting us about sooner?”

“Why, even now, is the only expressed doubt about whether he should proceed as your nominee, when his much, much more important job, as President, goes until at least January 20, 2025?”

“And if you are resigned to his being your nominee, and continuing as president, do you honestly think he can function, or even live, until 2029?”

Unlike pre-presidential Trump, Biden is no outsider. He’s as inside as inside gets. All these “shocked” Dems have been around him for years.

If it was legit to make Republicans own or disown Trump, it’s more than fair to put the questions to every Democrat.

Every candidate, every opportunity.



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