Atascosa County Animal Control reports rash of cats with burns, shot with arrows

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Animal control in Atascosa County is seeing increased reports of abuse against feral cats lately.

Officials said they have received numerous reports of cats being burns and shot with arrows, with multiple arrow incidents being reported in the Pleasanton area. Some cats are reportedly being found alive with arrows embedded in their heads and bodies.

A social media post says the department has attempted to catch the injured cats, but they flee because they are all feral.

Law enforcement agencies in the county are conducting criminal investigations into the reports and anyone with information or who witnesses one of these intentionally-injured animals should call their local police department with a report.

“If you know who is doing this, please do the humane thing and turn them in. No animal should ever suffer like this…” Atascosa County Animal Control said in a Facebook post. “If you are the person that is doing this, we ask that you please stop. This is cruel and a prequel to more serious assaultive crimes against humans. You need help.”

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