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Rachel Cruze

Rachel Cruze

The Why Behind Your Money Habits

My friend Amanda has always loved to shop.

How to Have Meaningful Conversations About Money with Your Spouse

My dad, Dave Ramsey, filed for bankruptcy the year I was born.

The Real Secret to Reaching Your Financial Goals in 2021

January is here, and we all have high hopes for this year—especially after 2020.

How to Fund Your Dreams in 2021

We all had big dreams as little kids.

How to Avoid Overspending on Christmas

You’ve been there. You open up a holiday sale email, and the colorful images of trendy new…

4 Ways to Avoid Stress-Spending During the Pandemic

As human beings, emotions drive a lot of our financial decisions. And you know what we’re spending a…

3 steps to avoiding financial crisis   

The state of the economy, and our country as we know it, is crazy at the moment.

3 Money Lessons to Teach Your Kids

Have you been stressed during budget conversations? Are you anxious at the grocery store checkout when you…

Bulletproof Your Bank Account During the Pandemic

These are unprecedented times, you guys.

How to Manage Your Money During a Pandemic

I know the world is panicking right now, and you’re probably a little worried.

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