The Houston Astros got the max, then fired their manager and GM. The Red Sox jumped and fired their manager, who also had a hand in the Astros’ cheating.

I’m good with all of that, and yet…

What about the players?

We are told the cheating involved relaying stolen signs to players as they went up to bat.

Aren’t they just as guilty as the management types?

Receiving stolen property?

I’m sure players are on social media-lockdown right now, at either the direction of their teams or agents, or both.

But, if they had any knowledge that they were getting stolen signs (and I would think at least some of them did), and you don’t punish them, what’s the message here?

Of course, this gets tricky, and expensive.

The fired coaches went quietly and fans will forget ’em.

If you started handing out season-suspensions or even lifetime bans to star players, who are the product and profitmakers, whoa!

As a fan, I hate that Astros and Red Sox players (easily my two favorite teams) I love are mixed up in this. But they are.

They share the guilt and they have to share the punishment, or this is window-dressing BS by MLB.


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