“Bathroom Bill” Backers Frustrated Over House’s Pace

By Don Morgan

It’s slow deliberate process in the Texas House when it comes to passage of the Privacy Act also known as the “Bathroom Bill”.

The measure easily passed the Texas Senate and the hang up in the House is causing some concern with those who support the bill.

That includes Dave Welch at the Texas Pastor Council. he talked to us about his frustration with House Speaker Joe Straus and his approach to the bill.

“When the attitude and the mindset of House leadership under Joe Straus has really just been dismissive, almost from the beginning of the session about the entire call from the Governor.”

Welch says even though the House is taking it’s time, Welch says he’s staying optimistic that the bill will get passed before the special session comes to an end.

“Hope springs eternal. The sessions not over and we have a lot left tom come. We are bringing a group of Pastors to Austin this week to show our support for the bill.”

Welch says men saying they identify as women and therefore being able to legally use the women’s facilities at businesses across Texas is not something he can stand for.



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