“Bathroom Bill” Gets Senate Hearing Tuesday

Another showdown day at the Texas State Capitol in Austin.

The so-called “Bathroom Bill” will go before a Texas Senate Committee Tuesday, and backers remain as convinced as ever they will see the bill ultimately pass in the Senate.

“It says to school districts for those special circumstances (you may) meet the needs of all students in our public schools and our universities” Brenham Senator Lois Kolkhorst said.

The author of the bill, Kolkhorst continues to insist it has nothing to do with political statements about transgender rights.

“In crafting SB 6, we tried to do it in the most non-discriminatory way” Kolkhorst said.

As the debate continues to unfold, at least one Democrat has indicated he will join with Republicans who support the bill.

“We can be compassionate and fair to all… while working to defend human dignity, to avoid bigotry… and, to respect religious liberty and individual morality” Brownsville Senator Eddie Lucio said.

Lucio was strongly opposed to the so-called “sanctuary cities” bill Republicans pushed through the Texas Senate earlier this session.

“Children, youth, and parents in these difficult situations deserve compassion, sensitivity, and respect–without infringing on legitimate concerns about privacy and security from other students and parents” Lucio said, indicating extreme concern for protecting and guiding children through things they may not understand.

“Especially when they are at the age when they are trying to understand things about themselves, and the world around them” Lucio said, adding “This is why I am voting for Senate Bill 6.”

Among those who will offer testimony at the Capitol Tuesday is North Carolina’s Lieutenant Governor–who will both defend his State’s “Bathroom Bill” and support the version proposed here in Texas.

“This is an issue about privacy and safety and protection for all people” Dan Forest said, insisting his State’s “Bathroom Bill” does nothing to discriminate against anyone.

“Texas’ bill does the exact same thing… reasonable accommodation for a small minority of people that have these issues–and that’s showing compassion” Forest said.

Others though completely disagree.

“It’s discriminatory… and we oppose any kind of discriminatory legislation” SXSW Organizer Hugh Forest told KTSA News, fearing the Bill’s potential impact on what the festival pumps in tot he local economy in the Austin are as well as Texas on the whole.

“Last year SXSW by our measures had about a $325-million economic impact” Forest said.

But North Carolina’s Lieutenant Governor also said the gloomy economic predictions based on the passage of the “Bathroom Bill are also way overblown.

“No business has left North Carolina… no business has left” North Carolina’s Lieutenant Governor said, insisting the dollar impact is minimal.

“That most extreme impact equates to one-tenth of 1% of our annual GDP” he said.



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