Believe Me, I’ve Heard It All This Campaign Year

Has anyone ever wished cancer on you?*

On your kid?

Celebrated the death of your dog?

Welcome to the e-mailbag of your friendly local deplorable talk show host.

And this is WITHOUT ever endorsing Trump, mind you.

Another classy move is when the haters go after Family Service Association of San Antonio, which I’ve supported for 18 year with our “Wrappin’ With Jack” event. (This year, Dec. 6th, at Magnolia Halle, 10319 Huebner at Research)

“Fake charity”, they scream (people who voted for Hillary maybe ought not go down that road).

“What do YOU care about poor people?”, they sneer (someone has to do more than just talk about it, you know).

Mind you, I’m not complaining. I love my job, and it’s a blessing to do it everyday.

What’s more, there aren’t enough hours in the day to deal with all the pajama-clad layabouts and man-children hiding behind their online nom de plume.

So, I have a better idea: Let’s make it the biggest, best year ever for these families and the fine folks at Family Service. I can’t think of a better answer than raising the money, buying the gifts and turning out to wrap the presents and rock-in Christmastime (or what they would call the “winter holiday”)

Click here to give your answer right now.

Can I count on you?

(* Awaiting some final lab results from my physical, so who knows, maybe they’ll get a break yet)




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