SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Before a Vermont socialist ever became a senator and presidential candidate, he was a TV host.

Actually, he hosted a community access TV show when he was the mayor of Burlington in the late 1980s.

The videos resurfaced after POLITICO looked into them and described them as “bizarre, charming and, at times, startling.”

The show, entitled “Bernie Speaks with the Community” features him in and around Burlington talking to people.  The public access station has since made all 51 episodes available online for you to watch after the POLITICO piece was released.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah got a hold of the videos where he shared the “gold” held within these mines.

Among the points he makes, he noted how the senator looks no different now than he did 30 years ago.

Some of the many bizarre moments included his interactions with children.

In one case, Sanders is seen sitting with kids asking them if they have ever seen cocaine and if any of them smoked.  In that same interview with the kids, he called a child dumb for not thinking it was important to learn how to read or write.

In another episode, the then-mayor was talking to students in a classroom about how bigotry was bad.

“When I was a young person, what we learned is that black people smell,” Sanders said in the video, with the Daily Show edited for brevity.  “Alright, what about Jewish people?  What’s their thing? How are they different from other people? Their religious beliefs were different, but also they were greedy and selfish people, also had strange habits and so forth and so on. What does everybody know about the Irish? They get in fights because they get drunk.  All the Irish people do is drink.  That’s the Irish.  All Italians are gangsters and Irish are drunk and Jews are greedy and black people smell.  Okay?”

In yet another scene, Sanders rolls up to a group of kids who were standing on a sidewalk in his car to ask them what they thought about the new trees in the area.

One of the kids simply walk away without responding the Sanders while the other two are visibly weirded out.  He then tells them not to be so shy.

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