It’s a two-for-one for bizarre stories recently from our friends in Australia.

First one involves an apparent case of road rage.  Video first shared — though censored — by 9 News Australia and shared uncensored elsewhere on reddit shows a shirtless man visibly upset outside of a car with a man who is inside it.

The video shows the man look into the driver’s side mirror, headbutt it, smack it — and then pull out a boomerang.  He hits the boomerang against the car door where it breaks.  He mouths to the other party, “You broke my f***ing boomerang,” and then bangs the remaining stub against the window.

The guy goes back and shows up with another boomerang to again go after the mirror, which he then broke.

Still the broken boomerang still in his hand, he starts yelling at the driver with expletives while hitting the window with the boomerang stub.  He eventually breaks the window with his bare palm.

He then goes after the man, saying something about getting “the vaccine”, pulling the man by his collar, honking the man’s horn, and then ripping part of his pullover before walking to what appears to be his car.

It is not clear when or where this happened — or if the spat was reported to police, according to reporting by 7 News Australia.

In another case of bizarre Australia, an onlooker took video and apparently shared it on TikTok of a woman in Queensland, Australia, either attempting to pet or help a koala on the side of the road.

The koala wasn’t too pleased and attacked the woman.

The woman in the video appears to gesture to the koala for it to come with her or to follow her.

The koala went toward the woman, doing a koala-sized pounce toward her — causing the woman to lose her balance and take a tumble to the pavement.  It’s unclear what, if anything, the koala did after she fell in either the video or in a report by 9 News Australia.