SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — The political blame game for the state’s power woes continues.

This time around former Congressman and Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke is weighing in.

He took to Twitter to say “inept” leadership is to blame for the current power outages that are leaving millions of Texans in the dark and cold.

O’Rourke tweeted:

“While they focused on bathroom bills, “show me your papers” legislation and fighting with sports teams over the Star Spangled Banner, 30 million Texans were left vulnerable to uncontrolled COVID spread, a bungled vaccine rollout and this “rolling” power blackout.”

O’Rourke also called out state Republican leaders. Saying they don’t get to say they didn’t see this coming because “State House Dems, among others, were warning of this for years.”

O’Rourke placed blame on Governor Abbott, accusing him of “ignoring the facts, the science and the tough decisions and now Texans will once again pay the price.”

Nearly 3 million Texans were without power as of Wednesday morning, with millions more experiencing rolling blackouts.

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