NOTE: Graphic language may be offensive.

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Texas Democrat and gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke continues to campaign on gun control, and on Wednesday night he fired off the ‘F-bomb’ at one person heard laughing during a town hall gathering in Mineral Wells.

While giving his thoughts on AR-15 rifles, laughter can be heard coming from another part of the room. O’Rourke turned sharply in the direction of the laughter and replied, “It may be funny to you, motherfucker, but it is not funny to me.”

O’Rourke supporters cheered the reply, and it is not exactly clear why the person was laughing, but it started while O’Rourke was talking specifically about the AR-15 rifle.

While at a similar event in Snyder in July, O’Rourke went through the same event – laughter during a gun control speech. In that instance, he replied, “Might be funny to you. It isn’t to me.”

O’Rourke is taking a trip around Texas over 49 days, and he has sometimes posted to social media some of his interactions with supporters of Republican Governor Greg Abbott.

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