Bexar Co. D.A. Nico LaHood concedes to Joe Gonzales in Dem. primary

Bexar County District Attorney Nico LaHood greets supporters after conceding to challenger Joe Gonzales. Photo: KTSA/Elizabeth Ruiz

Bexar County District Attorney Nico LaHood will not be serving another term as the county’s top criminal prosecutor.

The Democrat conceded to his intraparty challenger just before 8:30 p.m. Tuesday as early results show a massive lead for the Gonzales camp.

He stated that his “campaign could not overcome $1 million worth of lies.”

That’s in reference to the nearly seven-figure amount a George Soros-backed campaign group put into the primary.

“It’s not a million dollars over a year, it’s over three weeks.  That’s a lot of money,” LaHood told reporters at his primary night event at the San Antonio Firefighters Association Banquet Hall Tuesday. “It was used in a very dishonest way, in my opinion.  I think the facts speak for themselves and that’s too much to overcome obviously.”

Bexar County D.A. Democratic nominee Joe Gonzales addresses supporters at his primary night party. Photo: KTSA/Don Morgan

On Broadway, Joe Gonzales was celebrating the strong early results.

“We have run a grassroots movement ever since early January,” the nominee told KTSA News Tuesday night. “We’ve had block walkers and phone bankers out on the ground, so they have a lot to do with it.  We have had a lot of support.”

LaHood called the campaign one built on lies. 

Gonzales called it a mandate.

“I think this is a mandate from the citizens of Bexar County that you don’t run an office like he’s run it through intimidation,” Gonzales explained.  “You don’t bully members of the legal community and you don’t abandon the people who brought you to office.”

Gonzales will now face Republican Tylden Shaeffer — who ran unopposed in his primary — in the November general election.

LaHood wouldn’t say who he’s selecting on his ballot.

“I don’t change my opinion just because the results are the same.  If I always felt like he was lying about me, I think that’s a character issue for any district attorney or any candidate,” LaHood told reporters.  “That’s an issue for me.”

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