Bexar Commissioners Fighting for “Local Control”

Bexar County Commissioners plan to oppose efforts by lawmakers in Austin to limit local control.

Commissioner Kevin Wolff said local control is a good thing, “and I’ve always considered it a tenant of what I’d call conservative republican politics.”

But, he said, state lawmakers will consider a bill that would take some away, specifically regarding taxes and lowering property taxes.

“And when you start to look at Senate Bill 2, which is changing the rollback rate, from 8% to 4%, it sounds like a good argument,” he said.

But the devil is in the details, so says Wolff.

“It only applies to counties and cities, whereas school districts represents 60% of property tax, so you’re not really making a heck of an impact on any individual’s property tax rate,” Wolff said.

Instead, he’d rather see property taxes frozen at what the home’s purchase price is, then adjust the sales tax to meet the need, and finally eliminate appraisal districts.



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