SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) – No more gun shows at Freeman Coliseum Expo Hall, a gun lock giveaway and a program to turn in unwanted weapons are just some of the initiatives announced today by Bexar County officials.

Sheriff Javier Salazar says he’s taking $25,000 from the BCSO Asset Seizure Fund to pay for gun locks that will be given away. He also wants you to know you can contact the sheriff’s office at [email protected] if you want someone to pick up unwanted guns at your home, but you won’t get paid for them. You can also contact them if you’re going on vacation and would like to store your weapons in a safe place. BCSO will keep those guns for you until you return.

“We’re not trying to take away guns from lawful gun owners. That’s not our goal,” he said Monday. We’re just trying to keep them out of the hands of the wrong people and children,” said Salazar.

Wolff says they haven’t had gun shows at Freeman Coliseum Expo for a while.

“There’s nothing wrong with a gun show if you require a background check, which they don’t. It’s strangers selling guns to strangers, and even Lt. Gov Dan Patrick came out and said that has to stop,” Wolff told KTSA News.

Family violence prevention also is part of the initiative.

“We need better enforcement of domestic violence laws where a person found guilty of domestic violence has to turn in his gun,” said Wolff.

Bexar County District Attorney Joe Gonzales, Judge Peter Sakai and representatives from University Health System, San Antonio Moms Demand Action, VIA Metropolitan Transit and Be Smart for Kids also are partners in the County initiative.

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