Bexar County Sheriff’s Deputies rescue skinny dogs, arrest owner on animal cruelty charges

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office is announcing the arrest of a suspect after two dogs were rescued, both being in poor condition while chained up without food or water.

Sheriff Javier Salazar says one of the dogs had wrapped itself around a tree while attached to a thick chain and only had 2-3 feet of lead with which to move. A water bowl nearby was empty and a malnourished puppy was also found at the location.

Sheriff Salazar says the two dogs were loaded up into kennels and taken to the vet, although there are no details on the condition of the dogs.

Bexar County Sheriff’s Office

Investigators say the owner of the dogs was contacted while at SeaWorld with his family. After arriving at his home, deputies took 36-year-old Cesar DeJesus DeHoyos into custody and charged him with animal cruelty, a 3rd-degree felony.

Sheriff Salazar says two German Shepherds were also found on the property, but those two might have been used for breeding and were in good condition. DeHoyos is suspected of trying to starve the animal described as skin and bones, although investigators say the suspect told them the dog had run away and that he was trying to nurse him back to health.

This is a developing story and more details will be passed along when possible.

Bexar County Sheriff’s Office

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