‘Biden is the change that we need’: George Floyd’s sister


(NEW YORK) — Bridgett Floyd, the sister of George Floyd who died at the hands of law enforcement after former Minneapolis Police Department officer Derek Chauvin put his knee on Floyd’s neck for about eight minutes, joined “GMA3: What You Need To Know” Wednesday in her first interview on what would have been her brother’s 47th birthday, along with Floyd family attorney Benjamin Crump, to urge every registered voter to cast a ballot in the November election.

“My brother’s death sparked a global outcry for change,” Floyd said. “And that’s why I’m encouraging everyone to vote… on this day, George’s 47th birthday. Whoever you want to vote for, whoever you’re going to bubble in, whoever you’re going to move to the side — get it all laid out and go take action,” Floyd said.

Floyd revealed her family is still grieving the loss of her brother and are “praying for justice” in wake of Chauvin’s release from jail last week while awaiting trial, which she called “unfair.”

“It doesn’t sit well with me at all,” Floyd said. “It’s really devastating. Every time I think about this man being home with his family awaiting trial … if that was one of us, we wouldn’t be home with our family.”

“It demonstrates that there are two justice systems in America, one for Black America and one for White America,” Crump added. “During all my time as an attorney, I have never seen a Black person charged with murder, being granted permission by the court to leave the state because of safety concerns. It is only when White people kill Black people that we start raising these issues.”

Floyd also touched on a new Biden campaign political ad she’s featured in where she calls the former vice president “the change that we need.”

“I shared a personal message about how my family and I appreciate [former] Vice President Biden’s sincere condolences, support during the memorial services for my brother,” Floyd said. “I know for certain Biden is the change that we need.”

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