Bill Gates, Please Grab Some Pine

Do I understand this right?

Billionaire Bill Gates wants trees–living, healthy trees–to be chopped down and buried underground, in order to lock up the carbon dioxide they release into the environment?

We learned in school, apparently very different schools from todays, that living trees scrub carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and give us oxygen.

In order to bury the trees, open land has to be acquired and held, and heavy equipment brought in to excavate the pits for the tree funerals. I’ll bet the heavy equipment is not solar powered.

He has spent $8M and counting on this effort.

We know that decades of bad forestry policies have produced overgrowth that makes wildfires worse. But we have always known how to cycle through undergrowth, systematic tree harvesting, and using controlled burns.

I think the generations that worked the forests and demonstrated their love and knowledge of the land, including Native Americans, probably know more about trees than Bill Gates and his buddies.

So, I know who I trust here.

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