Bloomingdale’s reportedly pulls deal with Chrissy Teigen after cyberbullying scandal

Bloomingdale’s apparently doesn’t want to be in the Chrissy Teigen business either, following her apology for cyberbullying non-binary model and former reality star Courtney Stodden when Stodden was a teen.

Page Six reports the retailer pulled out of a promotional event with cookbook writer and cookware brander Teigen “at the 11th hour” over the flap.

Bloomies is owned by the same parent company as Macy’s, which recently deleted Teigen’s “Cravings by Chrissy” product line from its website, though Macy’s wouldn’t confirm to ABC Audio that the bullying issue was the reason. Similarly, Target won’t sell the line online any longer, but claims the decision was already planned and it’s merely coincidental that the news was revealed when Teigen’s bad press started rolling in earlier this month.

For their part, Stodden, who recently came out as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns, posted messages they said they received from Teigen, including direct messages urging them to commit suicide at age 16. One of the message read, “I can’t wait for you to die.”

On May 12, a “mortified and sad” Teigen posted an apology to Stodden for her messages, but Stodden revealed that Teigen didn’t personally apologize to them — as she promised fans she would — and in fact, blocked Stodden on Twitter.  Even so, Stodden wrote, “I accept her apology and forgive her.”

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