Board games people cheat on the most

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Hot daytime temperatures and rising inflation have many people looking for cooler and cheaper entertainment, and learning to cheat on board games is apparently a thing.

The website Solitaired compiled Google data that created a top 10 list of the board games people try to cheat on the most. Some the of the games may not seem like much a surprise, but others might not have been expected. Games included were traditional card games and popular board games.

Here is the complete list and the number of monthly searches for cheating on games you have probably played before:

Scrabble – 11,110

Chess – 5,660

Monopoly – 2,220

Blackjack – 890

Boggle – 730

Connect 4 – 730

Poker – 610

Checkers – 320

Mancala – 210

UNO – 180

Battleship – 140