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Bob Dole says he’s “doing very well” in his battle with stage 4 lung cancer


Former Senator Bob Dole is battling Stage 4 lung cancer and seems to be taking his diagnosis in stride. The Republican, with a lifetime of public service behind him, is doing okay, he told correspondent Rita Braver, in an interview for “CBS Sunday Morning” to be broadcast May 30.

“I’m doing very well,” Dole said. “But, I have to keep in mind, I’m also going to be 98 in July. So, I’m getting to be a senior citizen.”

Braver sat down with Dole and his wife, Elizabeth, also a former Senator and cabinet member, to talk about their relationship, his storied career in the military and public service, and their life today.

Bob Dole said he decided that he would devote his life to public service while recovering from severe injuries during World War II.  “I figured out that lying in bed the rest of my life was not an option,” he said.

In a wide-ranging interview, the couple share their thoughts on the current state of the Republican Party; the 2020 election; Dole’s failed run for president; and President Joe Biden.

Dole told Braver about his long-ago pledge to make a difference in the life of at least one person every day. “Now, I’ve probably failed in part of that,” he said, “but I still work at it.”

And he has no plans of stopping.

“I don’t intend to go quietly,” Dole said. “But that’s up to a higher level. I want to try to make 100.”

Watch a preview clip from Rita Braver’s interview with the Doles: 


Elizabeth Dole on Bob Dole’s character



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