Border Wall Plan Draws Praise, Criticism

President Donald Trump pushes forward with plans to build a wall at the border, with obvious mixed reactions.

“Governor Abbott is pleased with the immediate action President Trump has taken to fulfill his promise to secure the border,” Governor Greg Abbott’s office said, in a statement. “The Governor looks forward to working with the Trump Administration to keep Texans safe and protect our sovereignty.”

“The border wall is a lazy and ineffective security strategy,” Congressman Joaquin Castro said, in a statement. “President Trump’s actions represent a hostility toward Mexico, one of our oldest allies and trading partners. He is driving Mexico into China’s arms. I expect that whatever President Trump takes away from Mexico, China will step in to offer.”

Our border is not secure. Drug dealers, human traffickers, smugglers and others seeking to do us harm are exploiting this weakness,” Congressman Farenthold said, in a statement. “President Trump and I agree—we must secure the border. I will support the President’s plan and look forward to continue working with him to find good, economically feasible solutions to our border crisis.”

This is a 14th Century solution to a 21st Century problem; and a decision I cannot support,” Congressman Henry Cuellar said, in a statement. “During his campaign, President Trump ran on the idea of having Mexico pay for the building of a wall. Now, he is calling for U.S. taxpayers to front the bill with a cost running into the tens of billions.

“The facts have not changed. Building a wall is the most expensive and least effective way to secure the border,” Congressman Will Hurd said, in a statement. “The 23rd District of Texas, which I represent has over 800 miles of the border, more than any other Member of Congress, and it is impossible to build a physical wall in much of its terrain...There is no question that we must secure our border, but we need an intelligence-led approach in order to effectively combat the 19 criminal organizations currently operating in Mexico.”



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