Brits Vote to Brexit

LONDON (AP) – British Prime Minister David Cameron says he’s resigning, now that the majority of British voters decided to leave the European Union.

Cameron says Britain needs fresh leadership.

He says although Britain’s departure from the EU is not what he would have chosen, negotiations should begin to leave the 28-member bloc and that he’s not the “captain” to steer the country through those negotiations.

Cameron says he should be replaced by October.

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel says he wants a special “conclave” of EU leaders as soon as next month to reassess options, considering discontent is spreading well beyond Britain.

Following Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, Michel says, “we need to keep a cool head and need to see what new way of cooperation would be possible.

The United States is reacting cautiously to the vote, with an official statement saying, “We will release further comment as soon as possible.”

The United States is reacting cautiously to the decision by Britain’s voters to bolt the 28-nation European Union, with a White House official saying President Barack Obama has been briefed.

The official, who insisted on speaking anonymously because of the ongoing events overseas, said Obama is expected to speak with Prime Minister David Cameron “over the course of the next day.”

“We will release further comment as soon as possible,” the official’s statement said.

Obama has encouraged Britain to remain in the EU but has said the decision ultimately was up to the voters.

Before Obama visited the United Kingdom in April, he wrote an op-ed for the Telegraph newspaper encouraging it to remain in the EU. He said Great Britain’s presence “magnifies” its influence and helps spread “British values.”



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