SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — San Antonio city councilman Greg Brockhouse tells KTSA that city manager finalist Erik Walsh is not Sheryl Sculley.

In fact, all of the internal candidates were not Sheryl Sculley.

“Sheryl Sculley ruled that city leadership with such an iron first that when you actually got to see these people looking and thinking about the future and possibly leading the city in a different way, we saw different people,” Brockhouse told KTSA’s Jack Riccardi Friday afternoon.

The District 6 councilman said the public should not be worried about the finalist, current deputy city manager Erik Walsh, being what he says others have called ‘Sculley minions.’

“In reality, I saw people who were looking forward to change themselves, who wanted an opportunity to lead and do things differently,” Brockhouse stated.  “We had six fantastic internal candidates that all could have done the job.  One just was the right choice in this environment and it was Erik Walsh and I am going to get behind him 100 percent.”

He said he wanted to make sure the next city manager will be community-minded — someone he says will go out into the community and meet with the people who live in San Antonio about issues that need to be resolved.

Brockhouse stated that Sculley was too focused on business interests in town and often ignored basic needs like sidewalks and road repairs.

He also noted that the city charter amendments did not appear to hinder the city’s ability to find a qualified candidate for the position.

The councilman just asks that when Walsh does begin his job as city manager to give him a chance.

“If I’m opposed to Sheryl, but I’m in favor of Erik.  That ought to tell people that we should at least give this gentleman a shot.”

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