SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) – Mayor Ron Nirenberg and his primary challenger, Councilman Greg Brockhouse can’t even agree on the number of debates to engage in before the city elections in May.

“I’ve received 11 or 12 invitations and they’ve already canceled six of them,” Brockhouse said Wednesday on the Trey Ware Morning Show.

The mayor cites a busy schedule as a reason for declining some of the invitations to public forums, but Brockhouse has his own theory. He says the mayor is afraid to go face-to-face with him to debate the issues.

“He’s not just canceling on me. He’s canceling on his constituents. He’s canceling on voters,” said Brockhouse.

He says it’s the mayor’s responsibility to to make as many debates and public forums as possible.

“I’m willing to bet that if these debates were in executive session or behind closed doors, Ron would want to have them all day long because that’s what he’s good at. He’s good at behind the scenes, closed-door deals.”

Brockhouse and Nirenberg are scheduled meet face-to-face at 8 a.m. Friday, March 22 in the Alamo Lounge at the KTSA studios on Eisenhauer Road Friday, March 22. They’ll take questions from the audience at the debate hosted by Trey Ware.

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