As far as I can tell, and from what I know of ass kicking, Russia is getting theirs well-kicked in Ukraine.

A lot of us question if we’re getting the truth, or some sort of packaged narrative, since governments are not often good-faith actors.

If you want to stop someone who has the Ukrainian flag as their Facebook profile picture in their tracks, ask them why we are not only funding their military, but more than half of their total national budget? Or why the West has spent more on Ukraine’s military than most country’s entire budgets?

Is there oversight of what’s been spent and sent?

Are we fighting one of those wars-by-proxy that were so popular (and usually disastrous) during the Cold War, where it’s really the US v. Russia? Shouldn’t we know that? Or, if we already pretty much do know that, what happened to “declaring” war? Is that ever coming back under either Democrats or Republicans?

What really happened to the Nord Stream? Who did it?

Are there US politicians directly profiting (I don’t mean military-industrial complex stuff, that’s a given), but what are the odds that this president’s son is involved in a shady board membership and consultancy in Ukraine, and then that’s where the first Biden war breaks out?

I have zero F’s for Putin, but I’m not buying the “enemy of my enemy” thing in lieu of facts and accountability.

The reporting on this is one step above bedtime fairy tale level.


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