I’m probably never going to have anything named after me in this town, and I’m OK with that.

It’s time to call bull$#(^ on politicians who use faith—in bad faith.

Whether it’s ersatz Catholics like Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who puts her Rosary beads away when she’s justifying full-term abortion and hailing Planned Parenthood, or our unctuous Mayor, Ron Nirenberg, who recently sent out a certain note over his signature.

A listener shared it with our news director, Dennis Foley, by e-mail:

“Attached is a photo of a letter that was penned by Ron Nirenburg to a Christian ladies retreat that was in town this past week. I work at a major hotel downtown (which I won’t name) where most of these ladies were staying. I was taken back by his reference about “faith and religion being key pillars in the development of San Antonio”, especially given his position on the Chick Fil A fiasco at the airport.

“After reading the letter, I kinda felt Ron was “speaking out of both sides of his mouth”, so to speak. I thought you and your staff would find this interesting and might want to consider commenting on it. I enjoy your shows, however I wish the signal was a bit stronger. Keep up the good work!”

The Mayor’s letter reads:

“A huge San Antonio welcome to the 34th Church of Christ Ladies Leadership Retreat! We are honored to host you in our culturally rich city, where faith and religion have been key pillars in the development of San Antonio.

“I hope you will have an opportunity while you are here to take in the myriad attractions in our city. On behalf of the residents of San Antonio I wish all of you a very successful conference and a memorable and enjoyable stay.

“Sincerely, [signed] Ron Nirenberg Mayor”

Funny how the “key pillars” are nowhere to be found at City Hall these days. Yet, just a few years ago, we had a mayor who was authentically, consistently and unapologetically a strong woman of Christian beliefs.

People of faith are peaceable, and given to turning the other cheek, right?

Some politicians have been counting on that, too much and for too long.

It’s time they were called out for the phonies they are—invoking religion selectively and when it suits their purposes.

Ignoring it, and belittling the faith of others, when it gets in their way.



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