You Can Hate Me For Saying It, But It’s True

We all grieve for the victims of Istanbul. It’s appropriate. But, as the gun grabbers like to say in this country:

It’s not enough.

So let me say what needs to be said: Over 40 dead and over 200 hurting is another victory for the J.V. team.

Yeah, I went there.

How in the hell could we even consider promoting the supposed architect, or one of them, of this failed foreign policy team, to the presidency? The record of presiding over the expansion and increasing boldness of ISIS should disqualify not only HRC, but any pol who’s been in their cheering section. Being part of this J.V. team at the White House should brand the hide of anyone running in the future, too.

We’re getting to the point where ISIS attacks are…normal. That is what they’ve given us, this administration. A new, lower expectation of what civilized life is.

I’m not even mentioning Benghazi




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