What You Can Say In A Gun-Control Debate

People drive a cart through the scene of a mass shooting at a music festival on the Las Vegas Strip, Monday, Oct. 2, 2017, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)

If you haven’t already been cornered by a “woke” friend or coworker, trust me, it’s coming.

Brian Doherty at Reason.com has your back when someone starts in on you with the whole “how can you sleep at night” routine. Read the whole piece so you’re ready:

“To resist an instant call to more or tougher gun laws or enforcement in the wake of terrors like Vegas, you need to understand it is not only that existing laws and regulations will not reliably prevent such crimes as long as guns exist. All the new or expanded national gun control laws advocated as sensible and necessary would have had no effect on horrible crimes such as occurred in Las Vegas…

And this:

“Despite Nevada’s much-discussed “loose” or “lax” gun laws, over the course of the three years prior to 2017, rifles were used in murders four known times in the state, according to the FBI’s Uniform Crime report.

“Nevada’s figures, though, show an unusually large number of gun murders where the type of gun used is unknown. But if you presume the ratio of handgun to rifle murders is similar for known and unknown gun type, you should add 20 more rifle murders, for a total of 24 in the three-year period. That larger number represents 4 percent of total murders in Nevada over that three-year period. For some context, killers used hands or fists to murder 25 times during that same period.

“With its “lax” gun laws, Nevada saw 67 percent of its murders committed with a gun last year. That is one percentage point lower than the 68 percent for the country as a whole in 2016.” 

Gun confiscation, although a longtime lefty fantasy, would be a “recipe for disaster”, notes Doherty. One big reason: the numerous and perilous confrontations between police (the confiscators) and communities in our country that already mistrust them. No one should wish for that scenario.

The public policy solution for evil likely does not exist, or at least not yet. Gun confiscation is not it.



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