Can the Spurs Rebound at Home?

By Don Morgan

What will it take for the Spurs to rebound in the Western Conference Finals against Golden State?

We figured a former Spur could offer some insight on that so we asked Antonio Daniels. Daniels was on that first Championship team in 1999 and he tells us a couple of simple, yet key things need to happen. Kawhi Leonard has to be healthy and other guys need to play better.

Daniels says the Spurs aren’t going to beat a team as talented as Golden State with mediocre performances.

“They have to remember, this isn’t the Houston Rockets they’re playing.”

He reminded us of how talented the Warriors were in previous seasons and with this years addition of Kevin Durant makes them even better.

“He’s about the biggest game changer in the league.”

Daniels is an analyst for NBA Radio these days and tells us that at the beginning of the season, 99 percent of his coworkers chose the Warriors and Cavaliers to have a repeat performance in the NBA finals.

Game 3 between the Spurs and Warriors is Saturday night at 8 at the AT&T Center.



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