Canceling Thanksgiving Dinner Makes You Stop and Think

We talked on the show about a national survey in which 24% of respondents were planning on not having Thanksgiving dinner this year, citing the exploding food inflation and its effect on what can be an especially expensive meal to shop for and prepare.

Nineteen percent of our own JR POLL respondents said the same. Even allowing for a few people who will have a change of heart, that’s a pretty big decision to make, especially if you grew up with the tradition and all that.

That stat says more about the state of our economy than a whole day of pundits on CNBC.

Now, imagine what families who are being helped out by Family Service Association of San Antonio are going through. It’s not just one meal being skipped or re-thought. And other bills, and other things, all being eaten away by this record inflation.

I know I’m asking you to support someone else when you may be struggling with your own thing, but these are the families we aim “Wrappin’ With Jack” at each year.

Please, when you think about the struggle, consider making a donation here or by buying gifts. I understand if, this year, you just can’t, and I appreciate that you even thought about it.

If you can donate or give in any way, please know how much it will matter to them and how much I love and appreciate you for doing it.

And join us December 6th from 6-8PM at the famous Bluebonnet Palace for our “Wrappin’ With Jack 2022” live broadcast and Christmas concert!


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