You Can’t Say Roy Moore Wouldn’t Fit Right In

Steve Atkins (from left), Eddie Alderete, Jack Riccardi and Jeff Brady


They still talk about James Michael Curley, who was mayor of Boston, governor of the commonwealth of Massachusetts and a U.S. Congressman, intermittently and repeatedly, from 1913 into the 1950s.

Legend has it that he won an election from a jail cell. Actually, he was indicted while running for mayor. But, after he won, he was convicted and spent five months in the slammer. No, he did not resign. He took a “leave of absence”, and was greeted back at City Hall with a brass band after his release. By the way, it was the second prison sentence of his storied political career.

One time, a political enemy blocked him from being a Massachusetts FDR delegate to the 1932 Democratic convention. No problem. Curley bribed a guy in Puerto Rico, and joined their delegation as “Jaime Curleo”. Talk about your cultural appropriation.

If you want to understand how all of this could’ve happened, here’s an excellent account. Or check out the Skeffington character in “The Last Hurrah”. 

Curley thrived because he was surrounded by people not much worse than him.

Now, take Senate candidate Roy Moore. Please, take him.

But, seriously, what’s with the pious pronouncements that the Senate (GOP-controlled) won’t “seat” him if Alabama voters send him?

How can this bunch refuse membership to Mr. See-You-At-The-Mall?

Just this week, Cong. Jackie Speiers (D-CA) testified under oath about there being at least two House members who are serial sex abusers. And Speaker Ryan just ordered sexual harassment training for the entire House membership and staff.

Training for them? Heck, they could teach the class.

So, how can the Senate, whose members have included the likes of Ted Kennedy (D-MA) and Chris Dodd (D-CT), reject Moore for admission? These “lions of the Senate” once made a “waitress sandwich” while drunk. Too bad the waitress didn’t have Gloria Allred’s phone number.

Or who could forget Sen. Larry “Wide Stance” Craig (R-ID)? In the House, Cong. Gerry Studds (D-MA) served for six more terms after admitting to having sex with a young male congressional page. Studds didn’t leave until he retired.

How many of today’s pols have returned their Hollywood donations from recent, admitted weirdos?

Even the ultimate establishment Republican, George H.W. Bush, has his “David Cop-a-Feel” problem. When’s the GOP disavowing him?

It’s one thing to argue that Alabama voters should reject Roy Moore.

But how could the Senate do so, without confirming that they’re a bunch of hypocrites?

The world’s oldest mallrat will fit right in.



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