SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Julian Castro has released a new TV ad that blames President Trump for the deadly shooting in El Paso.

It features the former Mayor of San Antonio standing in an empty warehouse in Iowa. Somber piano music plays as he addresses the President.

“President Trump. You referred to countries as shitholes. You urged American Congresswomen to ‘go back to where they came from.’ You called immigrants rapists.”

The 2020 Presidential hopeful then blames President Trump for encouraging the massacre at the El Paso Walmart.

“As we saw in El Paso, Americans were killed because you stoked the fire of racists. Innocent people were shot down because they look different from you. Because they look like me. They look like my family. Words have consequences. ”

Castro’s Campaign Manager Maya Rupert says Julian isn’t afraid of Donald Trump and will “continue to expose his racism and division until he defeats him next November.”

Castro’s new ad will air on FOX News Channel in Bedminster, New Jersey. Castro also posted it on social media Tuesday morning.


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