SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Democratic Presidential candidate Julian Castro crossed the U.S. and Mexico border to meet with migrants on Monday.

The former San Antonio Mayor wants the Trump Remain in Mexico immigration policy to come to an end.

Under the policy, migrants have to wait in Mexico before their asylum claims are considered.

The former Mayor of San Antonio says it’s a disaster.

” Not only because it’s creating a greater humanitarian crisis, it’s a disaster because it flies in the face of the tradition in the United States of allowing people seeking asylum to make that claim and to remain in the safety of the United States.”

The policy was created to help with the overflow of migrants at the border who were flooding processing centers but  Castro says while migrants wait for asylum, they suffer illnesses and are subject to violence.

“I hope that people in this country who say that they’re Jesus-loving, God-loving—that they pay more attention to God-loving, Jesus-loving people on this side of the border, that are brown-skinned, that are desperate, and are being treated cruelly by this president.”

If he’s elected, Castro says he will end the policy through an executive order.

Castro crossed the Brownsville International Bridge into Mexico. That’s where he entered a refugee camp, gathered up 12 migrants and brought them back over the border into Texas.

He believes that since the 12 are either disabled of LGBTQ, they are exempt from the Remain in Mexico policy because they are at a higher risk to be victims of violent crimes.

The 12 were returned to Mexico several hours later.



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