SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — If the United States Senate votes on a measure to block the President’s emergency declaration for a border wall, Congressman Joaquin Castro will be there.

Castro says he’s going to visit the Senate floor Thursday in order to be present for the vote, unless his vote is needed in the House.

“This is the most consequential vote that we will take probably in the last generation, in terms of the balance of power between the Executive and the Legislative branches of government.”

Castro says if Congress allows the President’s emergency declaration to stand, the President will likely come back and do the same thing again. He also noted that future Presidents will go straight to the same power if they don’t get appropriations they want from Congress.

He’s been pleading his case to several G-O-P Senators including John Cornyn and Ted Cruz.

Cornyn  has said he’s voting in support of the emergency declaration. Cruz hasn’t made an announcement on how he plans to vote.

President Trump says he will issue his first veto is the Senate blocks his emergency declaration for a 5.7 billion dollar wall along the U-S border with Mexico.

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