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Castro to SNL: I can play my brother if you need me to

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — San Antonio congressman Joaquin Castro tweeted Wednesday that he is free to play his brother, former San Antonio mayor Julian Castro, on NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

Or was it the other way around?

The congressman has been talking about how he is often confused for his brother since MSNBC misidentified him in a tweet about impeachment.  He spoke about the impeachment process of the president on the network, but the social media team wrote that Julian made the comments.

Since then, it has been a rough week between the NBC family of networks and the Castro brothers.

NBC News’ Latino news team wrote a story about whether Saturday Night Live — another NBC product — has a Latino problem.

That story suggests that SNL’s omission of Julian Castro of an impeachment town hall sketch from this passed weekend reinforces the show’s lack of diversity and tone-deafness about Latinos.

That sketch included impressions of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, Andrew Yang, Pete Buttigieg, and the other Texan running for president — Beto O’Rourke.  Even Marianne Williamson was highlighted.

The Castro campaign suggests its candidate’s exclusion is because he is Latino and the show is trying to curry favor with President Donald Trump.

Joaquin Castro, who along with being a congressman is also an active member of his brother’s campaign team, tweeted Wednesday that he would be available if SNL needed someone to play Julian Castro.

“I get mistaken for that guy all the time,” Castro wrote.

Sometimes that has not been a mistake.

In 2005, KTSA was broadcasting the city’s River Parade live and KTSA reporter Elizabeth Ruiz went to the city council float where she spotted a man who was expected and believed to be then-councilman Julian Castro.  He was also running for mayor that year.

It was learned — live on the radio — it wasn’t the councilman.

“We usually don’t have all of them onboard, Liz.  Can you tell us who you see onboard tonight,” KTSA host Jack Riccardi said live on the air during the event.

“Well, on the count of three, let’s yell out [then-city manager] Sheryl Sculley,” Ruiz responded.

“Oh, there you go.  That’s a good idea,” Riccardi interjected.  He then looked at the float to see if he could identify who was on it.  “Okay, I see Carroll Schubert and Julian Castro right in the front.  Imagine that.”

They were running against each other and Phil Hardberger for mayor.

“And Enrique Barrera and Ron Segovia,” added Ruiz.

“Now, do we know that that’s Julian Castro or might that be Joaquin standing in for him?” the talk show host asked from along the River Walk.

“I think that’s Julian,” Ruiz answered somewhat assertively.  She then began to wonder if that was actually the then-councilman on the barge.

“Well, wait a minute.  I’m going to ask him.”

“Yeah, go ask him,” Riccardi stated, “Because, you know, Councilman Castro is capable of being in two places at one time with that twin brother of his.”

“And there is Richard Perez, too,” the reporter reported.  On the air, you can hear Ruiz asking the people on the boat questions.  “Is that Julian or Joaquin?  I thought that was Joaquin over there.  Is that Julian or Joaquin?”

Riccardi then popped on with some play-by-play commentary of what was going on in the middle of the parade.

“Liz has dragged the entire barge over to the riverbank,” the host explained.

“Whoa, wait a minute.  See, it was Joaquin.  I told you it was Joaquin.  Where is Julian?” Ruiz asked the council officials on the barge.

“He’s [Joaquin] not on the city council,” Riccardi chimed in on the radio while the KTSA reporter was getting to the bottom of what was going on.

“It’s great being here,” Joaquin Castro said, responding to Ruiz, sounding like he was clearly enjoying his evening.  “Julian is at a neighborhood association, but I came out here for him.  This is a great event; it’s a lot of fun.”

“Isn’t that clever,” Ruiz said in mild disbelief.

“Wow, that’s a KTSA exclusive right there, passing himself off as Julian Castro is actually the twin brother,” Riccardi capped off the exchange.

Joaquin Castro was not in public service at the time.

After the parade, the now-presidential candidate acknowledged he was not at the parade because he had another event to be at.  Joaquin was there, despite all of the official materials stating that he would be there, because family was permitted on the float and he still wanted to go.

Castro would end up losing that election about a month later.

After Wednesday’s tweet, the congressman poked fun at being an identical twin of a presidential candidate.

No word if Saturday Night Live will be calling Castro — er, Joaquin Castro — to see if his services are available.

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