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Dave Says: Should a couple have double set aside for an emergency fund?

Does the amount you advise saving for a beginner emergency fund in Baby Step 1 double for…

4 ways to boost your sales and grow your business this holiday season

Y’all, there are less than two months left until Christmas!

Dave Says: How to stop continually falling back into debt

I’ve gotten out of debt before following your plan, but I always seem to fall right back…

Dave Says: Are online banks as safe as traditional banks?

What are your thoughts about online banks?

Dave Says: Is it okay to give very young children an allowance?

Is it okay to give very young children an allowance?

Dave Says: They’re just trying to help, but…

My husband and I are in our twenties, and we work for the same company.

Dave Says: Does a smaller income allow for smaller emergency fund?

I’m 26 and single, and I have about $35,000 in credit card and student loan debt.

2 habits that lead to a successful retirement

Did you know Congress has designated October 20th through October 26th this year as National Retirement Security Week?

Dave Says: How can I help my mom?

What’s the best way to talk to a parent, and tell them their career or financial choices…

3 Ways to Save Big Money on Halloween

‘Tis the season for fake spiders, light-up ghosts, tiny candy bars, and tacky costumes.

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