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Dave Says: How to tell your kids its okay to spend money

We’ve followed your advice and put our kids on commissions instead of allowances.

Dave Says: Finding motivation to get out of debt

My wife is so charged up after reading your books, and now she is determined to get…

How to help your teen start budgeting

In order to win in life, your teen is going to need a solid plan for everything—including…

Dave Says: Is it okay for me to hide money from my spouse?

I’ve never hidden debt from my husband, but I do hide money from him on occasion.

Dave Says: Should I help a friend who is irresponsible with money?

I have a friend who is very irresponsible with his money, and he often asks to “borrow”…

Dave Says: How much should I contribute to my 401(k) while trying to get out of debt?

Should I still contribute up to the match to my 401(k) at work, like you recommend, if…

Dave Says: Helping is often more than just giving

My husband and I met a young woman through an outreach program at church.

Dave Says: You don’t fake poor

I’ve got a couple of friends who were advised by their financial planners not to open college…

3 applications your kids should fill out this summer

Yeah, everyone loves summer vacation.

Dave Says: Should we take a course in day trading?

I was recently offered an opportunity to participate in a hands-on stock trading class.

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