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Dave Says: Is it a good idea to hire multiple financial advisors?

We’re wondering if we should diversify our investments by hiring multiple advisors with different companies, so we…

Dave Says: How to scrounge together an emergency fund

My fiancé and I just started your class, but we’re having trouble getting our beginner emergency fund…

Dave Says: Don’t put all of your eggs into one retirement basket

The school system I work for puts 12 percent of my pay into a public teacher retirement…

Is starting a small business right for you?

My mom started her business when I was only six months old.

Dave Says: You always need an emergency fund

I’ll be retiring in the next couple of years.

Dave Says: What’s the best way to pay down car debt?

I’d like to start paying a little extra each month on my car loan, so I can…

Dave Says: Does it matter whether credit cards are canceled before paying them off?

Do you recommend paying off credit card balances before or after closing the accounts?

Dave Says: Should I have an emergency fund for my company?

Should I have an emergency fund for my company, too?

Dave Says: Thoughts on setting up billing plans for utilities

I’m just starting my debt-free journey and trying to lay out a budget.

Spring cleaning your finances

Think of making a budget like spring-cleaning: It’s a great way to get things in order around…

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