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Dave Says: How to survive on the road with big work travel expenses

I’m an admissions counselor for a university, and I make $37,000 a year.

The Best and Worst Things to Do for Spring Break

We’ve all been waiting for a break from this cold, dreary winter.

Dave Says: How to deal with an irresponsible adult stepchild

I’m getting married this summer and about to become a stepfather, but my fiancé’s daughter from a…

Dave Says: The right time to buy a new car

When do you recommend buying a new car in the process?

Dave Says: Why debt consolidation isn’t really all that

I’ve heard you tell people to avoid debt consolidation companies. Why do you think debt consolidation is…

How to Find Your Passion and Build a Business You Love

Has anyone ever told you, do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life? But here’s…

Dave Says: Finances before and after the wedding

I’m getting married this summer, and I’m on Baby Step 4 of your plan.

Dave Says: How to choose the right length term insurance

My husband and I are 24, we’re debt-free, and we’re just a few weeks of saving away…

Dave Says: Getting off an ex’s credit card account

I opened a credit card account with a boyfriend several months ago in both of our names…

Should I pay a tax professional to file my income taxes?

Let’s be real. No one likes doing their taxes.

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