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A Crisis That Can’t Be Ignored: The Great Resignation

The Great Resignation has left companies short-staffed.

Dave Says: Be patient, find your path…and forget about student loans

I have a good job, so how can I still support him and his desire to further…

Dave Says: How much dirt, and how much house?

I was wondering what you think about how much should be spent on the land itself versus…

Creating A Solid Resumé

Believe it or not, creating a solid resumé is just as important as prepping for your job interview.

Dave Says: Where should he park the money?

Do you have a suggestion for a good place he could put his money?

Dave Says: Make a budget line for fun money

How can you make sure your leisure spending doesn’t get out of hand?

5 Ways to Cut Household Costs This Year

Here are five practical ways to cut back on household costs.

Dave Says: Budgeting for car repair costs

When doing a monthly budget, should I figure in a specific category for car repairs and maintenance…

Dave Says: There’s going to be sacrifice involved

I bring home about $2,800 a month, and our mortgage payment is $1,100.

The Student Loan (Pandemic) Payment Pause

Just in case you’ve forgotten, there’s a student loan crisis in America.

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