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Good pay doesn’t require a four-year degree

History is full of successful people who carved their own path far away from traditional education.

Dave Says: Live like the money isn’t there

I’m 24, single, and I make $60,000 a year.

Loneliness is Killing You (Yes, Even You!)

Loneliness is poison. It is deadly. Loneliness is literally killing us.

Three reasons to reject the micro-investing trend

Investing apps are super trendy right now.

Dave Says: Help her get back out there

Our daughter recently moved back in with us after she lost her job and her apartment.

How to teach your kids about money

If you guys have been hearing the term “financial literacy” a lot, there’s a good reason—it’s one…

Dave Says: Obstacles and answers

In your mind, what are some of the biggest mental and emotional obstacles preventing people from addressing…

Dave Says: Getting Started

Should I catch up on my past due bills before saving up $1,000 for Baby Step 1?

Dave: Not really an emergency

My husband and I are close to having our home paid off and being completely debt-free. Can…

Dave Says: It’ll work out better in the long run

My wife and I are having a financial disagreement.

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