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Dave Says: Is umbrella coverage worth it?

Are umbrella insurance policies worth it, or do they just entice people to sue more frequently?

Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Committing Your Time

“Yes” and “no” are two simple words, but they carry a ton of weight.

Empathy vs Sympathy

Empathy and sympathy are both ways we respond to the suffering of people around us. But there’s a…

Dave Says: Teaching the value of work

What are your views on teaching children good work habits?

A 4-Day Work Week? Don’t Hold Your Breath

There’s a lot of talk right now about a 4-day work week, both globally and here in…

Dave Says: Work first, play later

I brought about $15,000 in student loan debt into our marriage.

Dave Says: Sounds Suspicious to Me

My husband and I have a rental property in South Carolina we want to sell.

Budgeting for Christmas

Making a list, checking it twice . . . Oh wait, it’s not the holiday season quite…

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