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Lars Larson

Ted Wheeler Throws The World A Party Instead Of Cleaning Up His Messes

You may be forgiven if you heard the news this morning about Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s “welcome…..

Portland’s Mayor Ted Wheeler doesn’t want you to see this….

The streets of Portland have been taken over by homelessness for over a year. In response, Mayor…..

DEMOCRAT DECEPTION: How much of America’s crime really involves guns?

Even though 92% of crimes committed in the U.S do not involve a firearm; in response to…..

Criminal Alien Of The Week Report 07-22-21 By David Cross

Lars Larson Show: Criminal Alien of the Week Report July 22, 2021 Lars: It has been an…..

Oregon’s Secretary Of State Is Doing Her Best To Clear-cut One Of Oregon’s Backbone Industries

I grew up as the son of a forest ranger, back in the days when the Pacific…..

LA COUNTY: Mask mandates for all, even if you’re vaccinated

President Biden promised a ‘summer of freedom’ for Americans who got vaccinated. But was that just a…..

OREGON’S 5th DISTRICT: It’s time for a sensible Representative

The Northwest has plenty of ineffectual Democrats in Congress, that includes Kurt Schrader in Oregon’s 5th district…..

WIND AND SOLAR MANDATES: Worse for the planet than drilling for fossil fuels

Wind and solar power are supposed to be environmentally friendly alternatives but are they worse for the…..

NW Government Ignores The Facts And Insist Guns Are The Problem

If you’re concerned about violent crime, you should be.   Under the feckless leadership of Northwest Mayors and…..

Government In The NW Would Rather See Money Burn Than Use Common Sense

Literally dozens of fires burn in Northwest forests at this point.  The biggest of them, the “Bootleg…..

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