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Lars Larson

The Lars Larson Show Celebrating 25 Years On KXL

Love him or hate him, this week marks 25 years of The Lars Larson Show on KXL…..

Clackamas County Shows The Perils Of Vote By Mail

One Oregon county is the canary in the coal mine of vote-by-mail and its dying. Oregon adopted…..

Two States Are Hiding Money From You To Avoid Accountability

Is Washington’s government hiding money in a shadow account to avoid accountability like Oregon did last year? For…..

How To Fix Biden’s Supply Chain Crisis

When we talk about fixing the supply chain, do we need an increase in supply or a…..

Oregon Has Voted, But Will It Vote For Election Security In November?

I heard the message from yesterday’s Oregon Primary election.   But not the message you might expect. I’m…..

Kate Brown Tells Oregon To Get Ready To Have The State Burn Down Around You

Kate Brown faces the end of her reign as Queen…I mean Governor soon, so she doesn’t mind…..

Elections Have Consequences, Is Oregon Where It Should Be?

Oregon votes tomorrow and the future of the state hangs in the balance. I vote in Washington…..

Lars Prediction: Biden Blames Baby Food Failures On Putin

I can’t wait to hear how Joe Biden blames his new baby formula shortage on Russia.  I…..

Protesting Outside The Homes Of Supreme Court Justices

Democrat Senator Chucky Schumer thinks it’s perfectly fine to protest against people whose job is sorting out…..

Do all signs point to a massive recession?

Gas and food prices are soaring even faster than what we would expect from inflation, are these…..

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