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Lars Larson

Oregon Teenager Will Be Back Hurting People In No Time

So, you’re hearing today about a 16 year old charged with attempted murder on Salem’s transit mall…..

Chuck Wiese Talks About A Year Without Summer

TheLarsLarsonShow · Chuck Wiese-Is the NW going to have a year without a Summer?   Written by…..

When They Can’t Kill Babies Anymore, Pro-Abortion Goons Will Come For You

“If abortions aren’t safe, then neither are YOU”. THAT’S the graffiti painted across the entrance to ONE…..

Kate Brown Says She Feels Bad That She’s Stealing Your Money

Lame duck Governor Kate Brown doesn’t mind putting her rank hypocrisy on full display. Yesterday, she told…..

Biden And His Democrat Buddies Are Pushing For Violence Against SCOTUS

I honestly think some democrats want a Supreme Court Justice to die. Two years ago, Senate Majority…..

Something Stinks In Multnomah County And It Smells Like Schmidt

Voters choose a self-declared “social justice warrior” as District Attorney in Multnomah county and he has turned…..

Democrat Tina Kotek’s Stance On #MeToo Seems To Be #DealWithIt

I’m old enough to remember Hashtag ME TOO. Remember, when millions of Americans demanded that something be…..

Portland’s Government Permits The Homeless To Wreck Our Economy

Maybe Portland’s business community has had its fill of the massive homeless problem created by City Hall…..

Joe Biden Is Bumbling His Way Through Robbing You Of Your Rights

Liberals love taking away the civil liberties of American citizens.. That’s why Joe Biden gave a speech…..

Want To Pay More For Your House? Then Just Vote For Tina Kotek

The latest polls show former Oregon House Speaker Tina Kotek in a tight race for Governor this…..

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