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Lars Larson

Jim Gossett Song – Have Yourself A Fauci Little Christmas

The wonderful and hilarious jim Gossett has made another great song just in time for the holidays…..

Kate Brown’s Is Thankful For Gobbling Up Your Personal Freedoms

Kate and Jay sure know how to play the game.  The Northwest Governors have acted like dictators…..

When The People YOU Elect Let Criminals Out, They Let Crime Happen

The Waukesha Wisconsin Christmas Parade murders horrified us. But if we’re honest, we need to admit officials…..

The Aftermath Of The Christmas Parade Tragedy

With dozens injured, and 5 people dead, the attack by an alleged fleeing criminal at a Christmas…..

LIFE & DEATH: Doctors vs. The Courts

What would you do if you were a doctor who could save a lot of lives, but…..

Portland City Government Treats The City Like A Person With Battered Spouse Syndrome

Leave it to Portlandia to see the only post-Rittenhouse riot in America. I mean, that is what…..

Debate: Washington’s Third Congressional District Democrat Brent Hennrich v Republican Joe Kent

Because of claims that she fails to represent the majority of her constituents, many folks want to…..

Kyle Rittenhouse Acquitted On All [Political] Charges

Kyle Rittenhouse has been acquitted of all charges related to shootings that killed two men and injured…..

For The Left: ‘Local Cops Bad, Federal Cops Good’

Why do federal cops get an exemption from the left’s ‘defund the police’ decree? For more information, Lars…..

Joe Biden And The Democrats Build America Back Broke

This morning the House passed the obscenely expensive “build back better” act. We can only hope it…..

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